my sweet turpentine


purify – metallica: listen to this song here
(you need real player for this)

every now and then yesterday strikes back… like a splinter in your finger. and god it hurts! it stings like a new experience.

nightmares are awakened in the brightness of the mighty darkness. shaken, stirred and all that’s forsaken is laid down on the table like the nakedness of a virgin! an unnerving feeling creeps, for that split-second the line between sleep and alertness gets jaded. faded like a child’s erased graffiti on the walls of home before the parents walk in! you can see the mistakes, but you can’t make out what has the child doodled.

there does come a time when despite the worlds charismas one’s curiosity is buried six feet under. times where vulnerability doesn’t strike anything more than just an adjective. the mirror speaks of finding comfort in reclusion, the shadows interpret deceit to thyself and you believe in an enigma that is you, well ascertained that it’s only you who holds the key but no motive to turn it!

new habits seem like they are RE-appearing… trusting you are the captor, and you, yourself are the slave. eyes that cannot see you, hands that drop you, tongues that speak on the inside, silence that blemishes your faith.

time, the most pertinent factor, comes clothed in deception, allowing you to be encompassed, compelling, not caring however unwilling you are to be sheltered in it’s short lived sanity.

like a splinter, it tears, it stings, it eases!

Pure if i… Can’t you help me?
Pure if i… Won’t you help me?
Purify you and i
Purify you and i
Pure if i… Can’t you help me?
Pure if i… Won’t you help me?
You and i purify
You and i purify

4 Comments on "my sweet turpentine"

  1. Surabhi says:

    hmm..really don’t know what to say to this is complex!

  2. M says:

    The Greeks had this uber-powerful maxim: Know Thyself.

    Stick to that. Let your life be a voyage of self-discovery, so that when you die, you are not pained by external inadequacies because internally you are at peace with yourself.

    In this transient world plagued by you and others like you, with their thoughts, their memories, their ideas, their actions, only the “YOU” part of yourself remains tolerable.

    Once you cultivate your acquaintance with the “you” in yourself, most – if not all – doubts, sorrows and worries will melt.

  3. devesh says:

    and i am focussing on the journey and not the destination! cultivating an acquaintence with oneself is imminent… however what happens when you peek inside and all you find is carcass?

  4. Surabhi says:

    @ Devesh:We all know what a hammer in a toolbox is for. It serves a specific purpose! Firstly,recognize what purpose you serve.
    Buddhism believes that we should be detached from wordly experiences–which is hard when we live in a materialistic world like this,but we should strive for happiness. Focus on things around you that make YOU happy, and in turn,make others happy. Your wife,family,children,friends! & look around you: appreciate what you have, as there are so many out there who don’t have anything,but are still willing to live!

    And in the end: it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
    ~So make it worth it.

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