the moment arrives tip-toed in every body’s life, sometime. identifying it is usually the key. however, like a subtle breeze, the wisp of change from dawn to morn, it comes. i like to term the moment as “the crossroad”.

a turning decision, with probably all paths leading to success, or all towards failure.

we ponder for eons, sublimed in fractions of existence, in the probability of a greater success, overlooking the journey treaded on either path.

is it all about momentary pleasure, or does that decision have the power to change a whole life? isn’t the path you take supposed to determine everything you do in life?

and how are we to know which to take when we don’t know a probable outcome or even the slightest hint of it?

is this where we conjure words up such as fate and destiny? what empowers one’s decision that concludes the thought and allows oneself to begin the journey on a chosen path?

how would you know the expedition you have just embarked upon is the “one” and not the one you “could” have chose, just a few steps before you started walking?

is it all just a test of your mettle? or is it succumbing to the lesser painful? does just a mere immediate reflection of pain or pleasure determine the choice?

i believe it’s all the above – if you are all flesh and bones. but if there’s an ounce of spirit that’s locked deep down within, you’ll realise that it doesn’t matter where we all end up… but how we got there that truly does.

are you at a crossroads in your life right now?

2 Comments on "crossroads"

  1. Manijhe says:

    I realised yesterday that I’ve been standing at the centre of a junction spot for the last three years. The realisation will help me change that.

    And why did it take so long to realize? I was lying to myself. I knew I was lying, but I didn’t think it would hurt me in the long run. Life’s quite alright, but it can be great. I just need to simplify it now. And I know just where I’m going to start: by letting go of material attachments and remaking sentimentalities out of new things, new attitudes.

    The second thing will be to do a good deed for a loved one, in case I find them at crossroads too.

  2. devesh says:

    Hi Manijhe – a good point you mentioned there by saying that it’d probably be nice to do a good deed for a loved one :) I guess we all need to “pay it forward” for our own sanity’s sake!

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