Microsoft Outlook 2007 – Missing HTML Signatures?

So you’ve upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 but have the urge to modify your HTML signature in your Outlook?

Unfortunately you cannot seem to find any option in the editor tools to be able to “hand-modify” your signature. All that’s available is just the default signature creator :(

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Well, there’s a solution handy :)

Create a dummy signature using the signature editor available in Outlook. Once done, hit save and simply browse to:
C:\Documents & settings\[your username]\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures

(In Vista business your can find it under: C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures)

and voila – you can see your signature file there ;)

Fire up your favourite HTML editor and modify it.

Save it, shut it, fire up your Outlook, create a new email message and adore your new, custom signature you just created.


12 Comments on "Microsoft Outlook 2007 – Missing HTML Signatures?"

  1. Sathya says:

    Nice! You sure about Outlook 2007 not being able to modify the siggies? This feature is there in Outlook 2003(albeit in a very rudimentary fashion) but still a signature editor *is* there, can’t imagine MS missing out that one.

    Anyways, thanks for the tip!

  2. Devesh says:

    @Sathya: Oh it’s there – but it’s just a basic editor. And there’s no way to manually modify the HTML – the older versions of Outlook provided an ability to modify the HTML file from within the interface (like click here to open an external editor) – but 07 doesn’t and therefore this post :)

  3. Neil says:

    Yes – the reason i believe is so it can easily create rich text format and plain text format versions automatically. If you manually edit the html version, the RTF files will probably still look like the original you created, and plain text the same!

  4. mutu26 says:

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  5. curtisc says:

    I’m trying to get overaps of text and image, but it’s not a simple htm edit. Is there an easy way to do this in a signature? thanks!

  6. Devesh says:

    @curtisc The whole idea of the post was to allow you to use an external HTML editor so you can “fancy” up your signature. What exactly are you having trouble with?

  7. curtisc says:

    From typo in last message: I meant overlapping divs. Thanks again!

  8. curtisc says:

    In a signature, I’d like to have common background image for multiple users with per user text over the top of the image.
    It’s easy to put text beside, above, below an image in a signature, but I’ve not been able to overlay text within a signature using htm.

  9. curtisc says:

    It appears that even if the signature htm is edited to show text in a div that overlaps an image in a div (in IE), Outlook changes it so that no longer overlaps & is instead on the side, top or bottom

  10. Devesh says:

    @curtisc After creating the HTML signature, and using it in outlook, close outlook and manually try and edit the signature accessing it via C:\Documents & settings\[your username]\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures

    (In Vista business your can find it under: C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures)

    Once you’re done manually editing, save and close your editor. Then fire up outlook and see if it works.

    Let me know how you go?

  11. curtisc says:

    Hi Devesh,

    I did the suggested, but there is something over-riding my htm layout. Overlapping Divs are overidden in Outlook. The best effect I can get is through using the business card. This would be fine if I could
    remove the border and background.

    Thanks for the post. I’ve learned a bit about outlook.


  12. Need help to install auto mail acknowledgement system at Customer Care says:

    I have a req for my client.
    When a customer drops a mail, he has to get an outlook [2007] auto-reply with a random generated number for each customer automatically.
    Please let me know how can I get this done.

    Unnath Dev.

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