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energy of a hero

Had gone down to my local supermarket this afternoon to pick up some groceries for the week… So was walking down this aisle for confectionaries and drinks and i spotted this can which had a superman logo on it!

Now all of you know how much of an ardent fan of the iconic superman i am – i even got a permanent superman tatto a few months ago ;)

Most naturally i stocked up on the drinks – not even realising that what if i don’t like it… Hahah…

Got home and checked out their website… Seems pretty awesome: !

They’ve apprently tied up with DC Comics and Warner Brothers and their first set of drinks are called “superman”. Eventually they’ll roll out “Batman drink” and “Wonder-Woman drink” :)

I’m high on just drinking it man… This stuff is awesome!

My all time favourite energy drink is “V” ( – and this tastes so much like it!

I cannot wait till they roll out these drinks in all the convenience stores here :)

Here’s a pic of me with the drink and another one of me with my tatto!

Hero Energy Drink   Dev Tattoo

where do babies come from?

Calvin & Hobbes - Where Do Babies Come From?

I still remember reading Calvin & Hobbes in Midday (the local evening newspaper in Mumbai) every day, and waiting for the Sunday version where it is in colour…

Get back from school and wait to get Midday in the evening… so I could quickly go through my favourite C & H’s heheh…

When I look back now, i wonder how young and naive we were then compared… the biggest worry we really had was to complete homework :)

The above strip represents the same so well :)

the same today

You are the same today that you are going to be five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read.
–Charles Jones

and i haven’t read anything for a while now. the last book i was reading was angela’s ashes. interesting… very irish. then i realised there was a movie inspired by the book, so am looking for it.

it’s been a few years now that i’ve tried to read a fiction, a management book, a classic… but i can’t stay away from biographies!

i want to read another biography… i want to read something moving, something that gives you a glimpse of relating to some person you’ve never known and you know that you will never know personally, but can still relate to his/her’s pain, happiness, strenghts and passions…

i think i’ll spend a few hours in a bookshop this week.