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the passionate blur

death... a passionate blur

life, after life…
to yearn!

hope, to yet instill…
patience witheld!

void, encompassing…
fathomless depth!

enless journey…
even yet!

With you I knew god’s face was handsome

i’ve been thinking so much lately about such intricacies, otherwise rendered worthless. from relations to friends, where the line should be drawn and to what extent. there seems no golden rule, which is probably why we don’t have a book to live by. the question i ask to myself, “does religiously applying the 10 commandments to one’s life apply in today’s everyday life?”

here’s something totally unrelated to this post. its funny how my emotions don’t really run on the lines usually to what i’ve been brooding on.

tonight’s art-work was inspired by a song by alanis morissette – simple together

click here to view the art work (will open in a new window)

alanis morisette – simple together : listen to this song here
(you need real player for this)

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scattered memories

here’s something i created from pictures i had taken last saturday at concord bay.

scattered memories

what say?