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I never wanted to be this free

i was just going through all my posts since the last month, and i was surprised to see that to find a good one, a postive one, was just like as if searching for a needle in a haystack!

i want this misery to get over. everything is a blur. every day, every minute!

spoke to rits today. he’s so happy that he would soon be going for good back home :) infact, i felt so happy to know that he’s getting to do what he wants.

i wish i knew what i exactly want from life. i have no ambition, no goal, no prospect, which i find so funny, being a capricorn, this is actually a taboo!

a carpicorn trait is being ambitious, to be practical and yet at the same time to be sensitive. patient and careful, disciplined and prudent, humorous and reserved.

and believe me, that was what i was 3-4 years ago. today i’m a mirror image of all this! i’m just exactly the opposite!

read back all the traits above, and the precise atynoym you find to each, that’s what i am today. and i don’t like it! :cry:

i’ve been listening to def leppard since last night. i recently acquired the whole def leppard’s discography and these are the only song’s which i’ve selected to play continuously since last night (in the order):

1. Def Leppard – Blood Runs Cold (4:26)
2. Def Leppard – Breathe A Sigh (4:06)
3. Def Leppard – Bringin’ on the Heartbreak (4:33)
4. Def Leppard – Day After Day (4:36)
5. Def Leppard – Disintegrate (2:50)
6. Def Leppard – Fractured Love (5:12)
7. Def Leppard – From The Inside (4:15)
8. Def Leppard – Goodbye (3:36)
9. Def Leppard – Guilty (3:46)
10. Def Leppard – Kings Of Oblivion (4:18)
11. Def Leppard – Long Long Way To Go (4:40)
12. Def Leppard – Where Does Love Go When It Dies (4:05)
13. Def Leppard – Long Long Way To Go (accoustic) (4:43)
14. Def Leppard – Love Bites (5:46)
15. Def Leppard – Miss You In A Heartbeat (4:04)
16. Def Leppard – Miss You In A Heartbeat (electric Version) (4:55)
17. Def Leppard – Miss You in A Heartbeat (Piano Version) (4:09)
18. Def Leppard – Too Late for Love (4:27)
19. Def Leppard – Two Steps Behind (accoustic Version) (4:16)
20. Def Leppard – Two Steps Behind (Electric Version) (4:30)
21. Def Leppard – Where Does Love Go When It Dies (acoustic Version) (4:05)

i am suddenly so attached to this song which i’ve put on repeat and have been listening to since the last few hours.

i cannot comprehend the reason why i feel like i’m literally living these songs.

listening to these songs, sometimes makes me feel like a teenager, going through one’s first ever heartbreak in life.

but even though i’m here, so far away in life from being a teenager, i find myself savouring these songs.

def leppard – long long way to go: listen to this song here
(you need real player for this)

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Would you wash the pain away no one understands

i’ve been having easy going days since a few days. not too good, not too bad :shock:

life’s been kind, and yet, at the same time, a bitch!

aaaahh… “life hai, jee lo, jee lo!!!!” :roll:

def leppard – where does love go when it dies : listen to this song here
(you need real player for this)

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i know the cake looks funny, daddy, but I sure tried


i still remember that day, when sameer’s dad got this really absurd cd from one of his trips. both of us were like, ummm “ab yeh kya hai” (what the hell is this?).

none of the songs were familiar.

when we first put it on, both of us just wanted to skip to this song.

and then, the moment i heard it, i knew, this is the song i would have in my heart everytime i would think about the kid I’d want to have.

infact, likewise, there’s this movie that is very close to my heart, “father of the bride”. something that again, paints a picture of me with my daughter (yeah rits, i know you’ve got “simran” written all over your face right now lol!)

anyways, here’s the song

butterfly kisses – b.carlise / r.thomas – listen to this song here
(you need real player for this)

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