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back to you

why the title? because that’s what i’m listening to : bryan adams – back to you! and there’s only think i’m thinking of :-)

the day started so rough… then i spoke at home and everything was so beautiful! life is so strange with so many undecisive thoughts and illusions and then its family again who shows you how to walk!

i didn’t have any particular conversation… just talked… sweety nothings to everyone… and it felt so good. i can’t remember me feeling so good in years…

mum was so funny… we were talking about rids coming here in may or so… and then rids passed the phone to mum… i’m telling her, “mum i love you lots!” and she goes like, “ya you know we have to go for yoga and all in the morning……”, i’m like, “mum, i love you” and she goes like, “i was thinking i’ll also come along with riddhi” :- standing my stance and trying to get her attention, i asked, “so you don’t love me kya?” and she goes like, “oh you want only riddhi to come? fine don’t worry i wont come… i’ll send only here ok? (pleasantly)”… by this time i gave up LOL!

spoke to dad. he was telling me about their move back to kalina. honestly, i was a bit hesistant and i asked him nochalantly, “why?”. i knew the reply that was to proceed… “son, ur granparents are old… and in india this is the way it works… i want to be with them… plus, as your grandpa is mostly active, your granny is usually alone at home and so is mum when we are at khar… now they both get to be together”

i wanted to talk like a grown man. i wanted to relate and explain to my dad that after this long distance things just simply cannot be the same… but then i thought to myself… whats greater? the right for the pain of being flexible all over again, or simply the feeling of being at home? i didn’t say anything. i knew what he felt… how he felt… because if i were in his place, i’d do exactly the same!

hats off to you dad… you are, and have always been my idol!

all this talk and feelings leave me with this succint desire to be back at home :-(


i reckon the best medicine in life is music… the music you associated the best days of your lives with. an overdose of it can just simply shuttle you back, as if you’re travelling through a time portal.

i’m glad it’s working as a charm for me right now! god knows i need it :-)