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8 Interesting Uses of Everyday Things!

As busy of a week this is going to be at work, I literally didn’t have anything to do almost all day today (we were waiting on a few reports to finish running on the servers).

And having nothing to do I was randomly surfing around a few sites to catch up on some reading – anything interesting.

Now I landed on this blog which had a list of interesting uses of everyday items and chances are that you’ve probably never heard of em!

Here are a few of them which you may find useful :)

  • Get a Shine with Banana Peels: If you are not eating bananas, you should be. In addition to the health benefits of the fruit itself, its skin is a built in shoe shine kit. A banana peel can shine your leather furniture and shoes. Just remove the stringy matter from inside and rub the inside of the peel on your shoes. Apparently: While you’re removing the stringy bits, you can dry them and “smoke” them as they contain enzymes which give a high when smoked. Don’t take my word for this, I haven’t done it (well yet LOL!) – A friend of mine at work replied back with this “tip” when I sent her the email of the other ones :D
  • Remove price tag with peanut butter: Have you felt exasperated when you purchased a gift for a friend and before gift-wrapping, you tried to remove the price tag with no avail? Apply some peanut butter on the tag and rub it gently. You’ll be happy to see the price tag and its sticky residue gone.
  • Deodorise the refrigerator: Is your refrigerator smelly despite the thorough cleaning and defrosting? Dampen a cotton ball with vanilla extract and leave on the shelf. After few hours, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you open your refrigerator.
  • Control your dandruff with baking soda: Do you feel low self-esteem due to dandruff that scares you every time you are on a date or other social gatherings? Well, create some homemade baking soda shampoo. Use this solution every time you shower and after a dry spell, you’ll find your hair free of flakes and softer.
  • Deodorise your garbage disposal: Does your garbage disposal smell yucky? Pour 1/2 cup of salt into the bottom of the disposal and rinse it with warm water. The smell will go away quickly. Add a little lemon if you want to freshen things up even more.
  • Remove car dents: Before paying a good bit to a body shop to fix the dents on your car, wet a plunger, push it over the dent and pull it out sharply. It may remove the dents at free of charge.
  • Streak free glass with a newspaper: Before pitching old newspapers into the recycling bin, try cleaning your glass windows with glass cleaner or warm water and a piece of newspaper. You’ll see an absolutely streak-free glass surface as a result.
  • Beer Hair Product: Want to keep your hair style in place but don’t want to buy hair spray/moose/etc.? Just comb a few tablespoons or so of beer into your hair and style away. It’ll stay put.

Source: “Dumb Little Man Tips for life” Blog

The Art of Giving Up

I came across this article a few months ago – I vividly remember how it made me feel at that time.

Then, as time has it’s way, I conveniently forgot about it.

Recently I re-discovered my Tumblr (I had completely forgotten I had an account there) – and saw the link to the article which I had posted there then.

It’s an excellent read on the process of “detachment” – titled aptly: “The Art of Giving Up” written by Dyske Suematsu.

Here’s an excerpt from the article which I particularly liked. The link can be found below for those who are interested to read the whole article :)

We develop attachments and we don’t even know it. Only when we are threatened by the lack or the loss of them, do we realise how much we are attached to them. If we lose our sight, for instance, some of us would probably consider suicide, but if we think objectively about many blind people enjoying their lives, it seems silly to even be depressed about being blind.

- by Dyske Suematsu

Click here to read the whole article – “The Art of Giving Up

the “neglected” one

I’m gonna be posting more often on my other blog from here on.

Not that i’ll ignore this one – I’ll just try and be more consistent posting across both.

I’ve been contemplating merging the two, but then scrapped the thought – the other blog is more “emotional” – as I like to call it – “etched in life – riding this rollercoaster called life” and I don’t think it’ll fit well here as on this blog I’m more casual and periodically update what fancies my attention!

So I’m gonna keep them seperate :)

Any reason why you think I should merge them? Drop me a line!