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What are you grateful for today?

gratitude journal

Early last week I was chatting with a long lost dear friend of mine. There used to be a time we knew exactly what the other was upto at any given point in a moment. Last week, we caught up after over a year or so.

We talked about almost everything under the sun – as much as we could.

Among other conversations, I expressed to her how lately I’ve just been feeling so disconnected with everything in life (I’m not getting into the reasons here).

To that she suggested trying out in maintaining a public journal/blog wherein, at the end of each day, I list out 5 things I’ve been greatful for each day.

I took up on her suggestion and created this: :)

So far there have been 4 posts – since the last 4 days it’s been active.

I must say this is truly helpful! No matter how your day has been – just the simple act of actually spending a few minutes at the end of each day and wading through your thoughts, to pick up the postives, if nothing, most definitely helps you sleep better!

And as easy as you think it is, it’s not! It took me good 25 minutes or so to write my first 5 points – just made me realise that how much we tend to focus on the negatives rather than even appreciating really simple positives.

I challenge you to try it out yourself. You don’t have to create a blog or write about it anywhere (however if you choose to, believe me it’s way better) – simply, as you put your head down on your pillow, list out 5 things in the day you are thankful for :)

You’ll have moments when something negative linked to a good thing will flow out – simply acknowledge it and say to yourself that this exercise is not to focus on the negatives – and steer your mind to search for a positive.

As I mentioned above – if for nothing else, it’ll definately help you sleep better ;)

Don’t forget to drop a line with your experience if you do decide to do it ;)


‘etched in life’ updated

Been a while since I’ve been thinking of getting a new theme for my other blog “etched in life“.

So over the weekend, I managed to find a decent theme and basically played around with CSS so I can adhere to a different colour scheme.

Created a new header – as much as I love the old one, the lightning in the middle of the storm, I think the new one came out pretty decent too.

The CSS changes are still in the works, as I’m still contemplating changing the theme again – I want a relatively dark and pensive theme, but at the same time, it needs to be eloquent and classy.

I know I know – most of you’d be like “design one” – I don’t want to spend so much time and energy designing it when there’s a good chance that there’s probably one out there already which would just need some minor tweaks.

So if anyone spots anything decent – ping back or send me an email.

P.S. – New post at out too!

the “neglected” one

I’m gonna be posting more often on my other blog from here on.

Not that i’ll ignore this one – I’ll just try and be more consistent posting across both.

I’ve been contemplating merging the two, but then scrapped the thought – the other blog is more “emotional” – as I like to call it – “etched in life – riding this rollercoaster called life” and I don’t think it’ll fit well here as on this blog I’m more casual and periodically update what fancies my attention!

So I’m gonna keep them seperate :)

Any reason why you think I should merge them? Drop me a line!