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shaayad ye waqt humse koi chaal chal gaya


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us’s mod se shuru kareN phir Ye zindagi
har shay jahaN haseen thee, hum tum the ajnabi

lekar chale the hum jiNhe jannat ke khwaab the
phooloN ke khwaab the wo mohabbat ke khwaab the
lekin kahan hai unmeiN wo pehle see dilkashi

rehte the hum haseeN khaYaaloN ki bheeD meiN
ulJhe huye haiN aaj sawaaloN ki bheeD meiN
aane lagi hai yaad wo fursat ki har ghaDi

shaayad ye waqt humse koi chaal chal gaya
rishta wafa ka aur hi rangoN meiN dhal gaya
ashkoN ki chandini se thee behtar wo dhooP hi

The unknown instant!

Just minutes ago… it all made sense! It was just fine! Everything fell in pristine order, just as she’d known all her life to be… just as everything “worked” out for her!

A plan it was! A plan that always made sense! All predetermined, like everything else that drew up a perfectly functional blueprint in her life. Oh yes there were always the unexpected mishaps. The ones that in the heat of moment tripped her off completely and swayed her from reality. But it never took her long to get back to “the plan”!

If there wasn’t one at that stage, it always came up. Her subconscious was her greatest ally! Eventually, it always came to her rescue, before she could even acknowledge it!

But such was a day – a day which was nothing different than any other day she would’ve been able to have picked up on. A routine. An expectant. Nothing unusual. Nothing unnerving so as to have shaken her whole existence.

But tip-toed, it walked in. The feeling. The assured incense of comfort.

Walking hand in hand with the fear of unknown, it subtly slipped through the unnoticed crack of her doorstep.

And when it arrived, it surged her through a glimpse of insanity of utmost joy. The perennial joy of nirvana.

Within moments the fears that had walked with it, sunk in. The million questions she never even knew existed occurred in a flash of an instant.

She found herself battling, dealing with the surprise of the joy and the uncertainty of the fears at that same very moment.

Something changed that night. Something very unnoticeable in that continuum.

Something completely oblivious of the fragment of the definition of time as an instant.

She complied with natural, conditioned behaviour, and caved in to deal with it “naturally” as a human would.

But what was to come by, would be far greater than an average human was to be able to fathom.

She couldn’t see it just yet.

A miracle, was in the making!

Ch ch ch Changes…

No one likes changes – changes which fall upon you, may it be by fate or a decision you’ve made.

Good changes are welcomed – but there’s always an unnerving feeling of the transition between your current state and adapting the change.

The reason for this post is two fold:

Firstly – an update to all who drop by here.

I’ve embraced a big change in my life :) I’m moving cities and intending to actually settle down in Melbourne. 

Honestly, Melbourne has been on my mind for a few months now but nothing tipped the scales for me like a few weeks ago.

In short – I applied for a dream job – something that I’ve always wanted to do and couldn’t quite find the fit anywhere before. I applied online and shortly after the application I got an email from them saying that they’re interested to have a chat. 

The phone interview went great and a week later I was in Melbourne for a face to face interview. 

Cutting it short – they made a good offer, coupled with my subliminal intention of “starting fresh”, I accepted the role and confirmed that I’ll move within a fortnight.

I made a snap decision right then that I’m going to get rid of most of the stuff that I’ve owned over the years here (more specifically the things I purchased over the last 3 years).

I don’t know if what they say is true – out of sight is out of mind – but I’m not risking carrying anything with the memories of the past with me over.

As the days draw closer to the big move, my knees go weaker. I know the emotional attachment with the city I’ve lived in for the last 8 years is going to be a tough nerve to severe.

My flatmate, Karan, said something very profound to me the day I came back from Melbourne (at that time I hadn’t yet made my decision of moving – only contemplating it). He said and I quote:

“There is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone”

That statement kinda hit home for me. Yes I’ve become too comfortable in the small life that I had. I had mulled too long in the aftermath of the destitution that I had brought upon myself. And worse yet, I had grown too comfortable living with all that filth in my head. 

Most naturally there was no room left whatsoever to grow and seek a better life.

That night as I put my head on my pillow, Karan’s words echoed back in my head – and I knew that I’m going to take this risk. I’m going to give this a shot. I’m going to MOVE :)

So with the support from my family and all my friends who I’ve known – I endeavor to take what they say – another baby step – reminds me of what Ruch had told me long ago – “it’s all about taking baby steps my dear, and before you know it, you’ve walked a mile!” :)


So, as I said earlier, this post is two fold… 

A few years ago I had subscribed to Brian Kim’s Motivational & Inspirational Messages (MIT) via email. So every evening when I get home, I’ve got one waiting for me. 

Today’s message pretty much felt as if it was directed towards me :) So here it is for anyone who may benefit from it:


Every day is a new opportunity to start with a clean slate.


To put the past behind you and to look forward to a promising future.    


And to mark this special occasion, try making some radical changes to “shock” you out of your routine to tell yourself that you really mean business.


That THIS is the day things start to change.  


  • Wake up at an earlier time and lift weights and jog around the block.
  • Throw out EVERYTHING you don’t need in your house.
  • Tie up all the loose ends you’ve been putting off.


Whatever you do, make sure it’s a positive, radical, substantial change to get you off on the right foot and running toward the direction you want.    


The hardest part in getting a rocket into space is escaping earth’s gravity.


Once it does that, the rest is easy.