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Yup that’s right!

No more 2 different blogs!

After much contempation and indecisiveness, going back an forth with the idea of doing this, one fine evening, I had a chat with Rits and just took a stance!

The process was relatively easy, used the wordpress export functionality (available for WP installations above 2.3 I think) – exported both my blogs, create a new one (wanted a “clean” feel lol), and simply imported both the exported XML files :)

Once that was done, the hunt began in finding the right theme that struck a chord.

I pretty much decided on “the morning after” theme – installed it, spent a few hours customising it and then all of a sudden, just changed my mind to go with this one :)

Anyways, this one’s here to stay – I made a few minor css tweaks, and was thinking of eventually changing the colours and backgrounds etc. But for now, this will stay as I actually like this look and the colour scheme.

So there you go – this is pretty much all that I am (if you read all the way from 2004).

A few people also asked me about deleting some particular posts – as they are no longer relevant. But I decided that I’ll let them be for now – after all they were relevant at some point of time in my life and this pretty much has become a chronological journal for me.

Anyways, I’m off to bed now – had a real long day today and gonna have an even longer one tomorrow – I’m staying steady in faith… A dear friend of mine called up to wish me luck this evening for tomorrow – in her words I quote: “Fear not, whatever will be, will be.”