Our Story

Our Story

The Heinrich story.

It all started back in 1932 with the Heinrich’s brothers, Emil, Edward and Elizabeth founding the company “Heinrich Frères”. All the way through to now with Antoine, George, Edward and Youssef Mansour as our Board of Directors we have always been a family business aiming at building on our Legacy by continuing our work of enabling Egyptian manufacturers to always inspire for more.

We achieve that by connecting the Egyptian market with the best global suppliers, providing them with the requirements they need to attain their highest potential and producing superior quality products

We currently have the pleasure of working across various Egyptian markets (pharmaceutical, food, petrochemicals, electrical plants, petrol, steel, universities, research labs…etc).

Aiming always at increasing our portfolio of the best international suppliers to cater to an even larger segment of the Egyptian market leaving a positive mark on our society and our country. While continuing to provide outstanding products and unsurpassed after-sales services that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.

  • 1932
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    It begins...
    It all started back in 1932 with "Heinrich Freres" founded by the siblings Emil, Edward and Elizabeth. By 1976, the second generation was taking over the reigns with Joseph Mansour as CEO. Joseph's leadership led the company to continuous growth and success from the 1970s till the mid 1980s.
  • 1986
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    Next generation...
    Shortly after, the third generation, beginning with Antoine Mansour, were welcomed on board to the newly titled “Heinrich Commercial Agency” (HCA). By 1986, Antoine Mansour was named the Managing Director. His brothers George and Edward were managing the customer service and pharmaceutical raw materials and packaging divisions respectively. By 2012, HCA was welcoming the fourth generation with Youssef Mansour continuing the family legacy.
  • 2017
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    Further expansion
    In 2017, “Heinrich Company for Commercial Agencies S.A.E” was founded, for expansion and business development purposes. After the passing of Antoine Mansour, in early 2018, George became our CEO joined by Edward and Youssef as our Board of Directors. Throughout all of our years within the industry we have strived to enable Egyptian manufactures to produce high quality goods and this legacy will continue, to ensure that we fulfil our mission.