Our Partners and Suppliers

Our Partners and Suppliers

Partners and suppliers that we work with..


Inden Pharma

We provide the most responsive and functional IT design for companies and businesses worldwide.

Aptar Pharma

We represent Aptar Pharma since 2008. Aptar Pharma is a global solution provider of innovative drug delivery systems to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotech customers worldwide.


We represent Clariant Healthcare Packaging since 2013. Clariant designs and manufactures controlled atmosphere packaging that protects healthcare products from humidity and oxygen.

Dr Paul Lohman

We represent Paul Lohman since 1957. Paul Lohmann is a German company that produces high purity mineral salts for the pharmaceutical industry, food supplements industry, food industry and numerous technical industries.


We represent Evonik HealthCare since 1974 (formally known as Rohm gmbh).Evonik Healthcare provides solutions to the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industry, offering a wide range of products as active pharmaceutical ingredients, functional excipients as (EUDRAGIT), high-quality food ingredients, pharma-grade amino acids.


We represent Gehrlicher since 1996. Gehrlicher is a German company that manufacturers an extraordinarily broad portfolio of extracts and tinctures that can be used in the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food supplements.


We represent Lameplast Group since 2006. Lameplast SpA is an Italian company specialized in Manufacturing of primary plastic containers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. COC Farmaceutici Srl manufacturing, filling and packaging of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and cosmetics

Peak Scientific

We represent PEAK Scientific since 2009. PEAK Scientific is a British company that produces top-quality gas generators used in the industrial, research, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, steel and food industries.

Remy & Geiser

A German company specialized in solution and new developments around packaging and dosage of pharmaceutical products. Plastic, glass and elastomer packaging, as component or in a system, coming from one supplier.


We represent SHIMADZU since 1977 in the Scientific & Research Analysis line. SHIMADZU is a Japanese company that produces high-tech scientific laboratory, analytical instruments & QC equipment. These products are used for industrial & research purposes in field several industries, including: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, steel, food, universities, research centers, Quality Control and R&D laboratories.

Sterling Aromi

We represent Sterling Aromi since 1994. Sterling Aromi is an Italian company specializing in the production of pharmaceuticals flavors, dietary supplements and aromatics products used in food industry


We represent Valpharma since 1987. Valpharma S.p.A is an Italian company specializing in modified release solid oral dosage forms: powder, granules, tablets and pellets.